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Meet Dr Ash Connell

Helping people to Reach Their Optimum Peak Performance.

My involvement in the health industry spans over 35 years, initially my role was as a Sports Science Based Exercise Physiologist, I then felt compelled to continue my educational journey training to become a Chiropractic health practitioner specialising in Tonus Neurological treatment including Bowen Based hands on treatment.

Recently I expanded my clinical expertise to complete various post graduate studies in the areas of Anxiety Education, Neurofeedback/Biofeedback and Optimum Peak Performance.

My interest in Sport was evident from a very early age having competed at an elite level playing Rugby League in Queensland in conjunction with my 45 years involvement in the Martial Arts sector as Founder and Head Sensei(Teacher) of the Vital Force Aikido Dojo in Geelong Victoria Australia.

Offices located in Camperdown and Geelong.

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