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The Real You...Without all that Stress and Anxiety... Finding myself.

How do I know me.?

How do I become myself in this world.?

You know we are so externally distracted with all the pressures of life. So much going on with a seemingly never ending road. Top that off with societal unattainable role models to depict how we are supposed to act and function in the world. No wonder depression, stress and anxiety is such a dominant feature on our landscape.

The external goings on are really just that... external.

What is it that drives us to live so externally and detached from ourselves. Externally is where our perception becomes warped and we are literally swallowed up and ripped from our true authentic selves.

It's time for us to change and become more relaxed, more healthy, more in touch with ourselves so that we are not governed by depression, stress and anxiety.

The truth is you can't really be you if your expression is stifled by external stressors which are causing depression and anxiety behaviours.

Well there is good news, you can achieve a much healthier state with a bit of work and effort to change our nervous systems, to reduce the automatic flight/fright responses to percieved threats in our external world.

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